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By kaioker2


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this is my very first datapack. i call it ThePlague.

this simple pack (inspired by current world events) adds an outbreak of a plague to your server.

if you come into physical contact with a bat, or something bitten by one, you will catch the plague. the plague can not kill you directly but will give you occasional, yet balanced, poison and slowness. The infected can also spread the infection to other players and entities through contact. The infected will have purple particles to warn those near by that they are infected. wearing a "mask" (leather helmet) will prevent catching or spreeading the plague, but be warned, bats still bite!

there is two ways to be cured of the plague; the first is death, and the second is regeneration (beacon or potion).

scoreboard statistics keep track of how many times you have caught the plague (tp_caught), and how often you have spread it (tp_infected) as well as others. if members on your server feel this is too close to home, and wish to be immune, an op can make that player immune to both contact and spreading.

contains config options, a grace period for new players, customizeable settings and admin controls.

lets add some fun in these troubling times. our server has loved it, so give it a try!

created on 2021/01/22